To understand art is to kill art. It was not made to be understood, it does not exist to be understood. Do you understand love? Do you understand the sky? To feel art - to feel it break your heart and make you unreasonably happy, to feel its hope despite its hopelessness, to feel its anger and destructiveness - this is art. Let it take you over and let it overwhelm you. Let it hurt you. Let it change you. Let it stab you in the chest and make you bleed, let it make you high and bring you down. Let it make you want to change the world, and let it tell you that you can’t. Let it make you feel, let it make you feel, let it make you feel.
(via orlansky)

I keep seeing Robin Williams quotes all over my news feed. As lovely and positive as they all are, (don’t get me wrong, I love reading them) I’m beginning to wonder if anyone realizes that they’re movie quotes. He didn’t write them, nor do we know if it was something he actually believed. Props to the writers. With their writing skills combined with his impeccable charm and talent, he quickly became loved by all. Please stop saying things like “he should have listened to his own advice” and other things alike. Those weren’t his original words, they were someone else’s thoughts. He clearly suffered from something far deeper than most will understand. Something that a small quote from a movie he played a roll in wasn’t going to change. Depression is an illness that isn’t to be taken lightly and it’s certainly not something that can be fixed with a few nice words from a movie.